Narrative Text

Read the text carefully

Ash Takes the Lead

Pichacu was happy. It was on another adventure with its trainer, Ash.  Ash’s friends Misty and Brock werethere, too.  Ash was on mission to become the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer. Misty, Brock and Pikachu were helping him.

“Pika ?” the little yellow Pokemon asked. They had come to a fork in the road. Which way should they go ?  

 “That way !” Ash said. 

“No, Ash,” Brock said.  ” That trail leads up a mountain.” 

“I do not want to climb a mountain !” Misty cried.   

” It is just a little hill,” said Ash.  ” Come on, Pikachu!”.

Pikachu was excited to explore the mountain. Misty and Brock followed. But they were nerveous.

 “I hope you know what you are doing,” Misty told Ash.

Soon the mountain became steep and snowy. 

” This is not a little hill,” Misty said.  “It’s a huge mountain !”.    ” I think we should turn around,” said Brock.   ” A Pokemon Master does not give up,” said Ash.  ” A little snow will not stop me !”.   “Pika !” agreed Pikachu .

The friends climbed and climbed. It was snowing harder and harder. 

“I am freezing !” Misty said.  “How much farther is it  to the top ? “.

Brock cheeked his compass. It was supposed to point north. But it was not.  It was going crazy !

“What does that mean ? ”  cried Misty.   ” We are lost,” Brock said.

Misty was mad at Ash.  She shivered.  It was freezing !.

“Ash, you made us climb this mountain. Now we are stuck. and it is up to you to get us off !” Misty yelled.

Pikachu was worried. It looked at Ash.  What would they do now ?

Ash was thinking. Then he had an idea.  “Pidgeotto, I choose you ! ” he cried.

Ash held a Poke ball high.  Out came Pidgeotto, flapping its wings.

“Find a path down the mountain,” Ash told Pidgeotto.  

 The Flying Pokemon went high. It could see a trail.

“Good job, Pidgeotto !”  said Ash.

Pikachu smilled.   Soon everything would be okay !


Rewrite the text into a short paragraph using your own words. 


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